IntroductiontoConference_奥门巴黎人值得信赖 IntroductiontoConference_奥门巴黎人值得信赖
    With a total floor area of about 34,000 m2, Zhuhai International Convention Center (Phase I) has 45 conference rooms with advanced facilities where 20-4,500 m2 of meeting spaces are available, which can be flexibly combined according to meeting needs, and among which some provide broad seascapes.
  • Astylar Banquet Hall (Zhuhai Hall)4,500㎡
  • Multifunctional Hall (Shizimen Hall)2,000㎡
  • conference rooms with advanced facilities45个
  • Connected to Zhuhai International Exhibition Center, Zhuhai Tower, concert hall, and theatre hall
Zhuhai Hall
Zhuhai Hall covers an area of 4,500 m2 with a clear height of 12.6 m. It can be divided into nine separate banquet halls of 500 m2 with VIP lounges of different sizes and professional kitchens of 2,000 m2 if needed.
Shizimen Hall
With a total area of 2,000 m2, Shizimen Hall can be divided into three halls, or independent spaces of 600-2,000 m2 if needed.
Exhibition Hall 1 & 2
The exhibition halls can also be used as conference venues for large conferences attended by more than 10,000 people.
Conference Room 402
In the room, people can enjoy beautiful seascapes.